Good/Bad Design 5:reddit


This week I want to talk about another extremely popular website, Reddit.

Aside from google I have probably spent more time on Reddit than any other individual website.

Reddit is a social news website focused on bringing the latest and greatest news through user voting.

This article focuses on bringing some pros and cons in the design of the website.

Although this is a blog post about good/bad design some of the good or unique design does sometimes produce problems represented as bad designs

The good:

1. Reddit has an extremely unique system of presenting the most relevant content to its users by allowing them to up vote and down vote on each post.

As interesting posts get up voted it will get closer and closer to the front page, but as bad or troll type posts are created it will fall further away from the front page.

This idea seemed to work effectively over the past few years when Reddit really became popular.

2.mostly un-moderated similar to point 1 the users determine it.

3.Easy to use.  The website is designed in a way for simplicity. Functionality is well bolded and can easily be located such as up voting and down voting on the threads can be done as well as posting new articles.

4.Easy account creation with no need to validate through email allows users to not feel attached to one account as well as not worry about what they post. Trolls are removed through voting for both comments and posts.

5. Ability to create own sub reddits. These are groups that can be created for posting a specific theme of posts. This is monitored by the creator as well as assigned mods , but this really allows you to have your own groups for your own interests. These still have a chance to make it to the front page though if it is popular enough. obstructive ads with a well working business model through donations.

7.ability to personalize your own front page by subscribing to subreddits you enjoy reading most

8.not only focused on mainstream headlines.

There are also some flaws with reddit’s system

1. Relevant that don’t agree with user cliques can easily be buried away

2.There is no good way to handle reposting or filtering of a specific type of thread.


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